Resources for doing analytics in the NEAR ecosystem:
  • NEAR Indexer Framework - The foundation for all the Indexer implementations
  • NEAR Indexer for Explorer - Raw blockchain data (blocks, chunks, transactions, receipts, execution outcomes, accounts, access keys, and some aggregations of those) indexer with a PostgreSQL storage that is further used by many applications (Explorer, Wallet, Feiyu, …) and one-off analysis
  • Fayyr Indexer 1 - An indexer that catches specific methods for any desired deployed contracts and relays information to a CRUD web API.
  • Nymdex -
Staking and Validator Stats
Dashboards and Leaderboards
  • Explorer Stats Page - Dashboard with up to date top line NEAR chain key metrics
  • Ecosystem Board - Dashboard with top line NEAR ecosystem key metrics
  • SputnikDAO Stats - Stats of SputnikDAO v1
  • Sodaki - A minimal data analytics web app, built on top of Ref Finance, the first Uniswap-like and multi-purpose Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform on NEAR.
Network Monitoring and Reportings
  • CronCat - Decentralized Scheduling for Blockchain Transactions
  • Pingbox - Notification for Crypto Wallet, get alerted for balance transfers & app activity on a decentralized platform built for anti-spam notifications.
Ecosystem Tracker
  • Ecosystem Map - Serve as a database for projects building on NEAR, canonically contains the mapping of projects within the NEAR ecosystem. Other sources pull from this in various ways, including analytics feeds.
  • Awesome NEAR - Curated list of all projects building on the NEAR ecosystem.
$NEAR market information
Data Projects Proposed/in Progress
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