Ecosystem Team
The Ecosystem Team supports projects and builders committed to building on NEAR.
We are accelerating the path to a vibrant and self-supporting ecosystem by connecting projects with the resources they need to be successful.
How do we attract more builders? How do we support them? What are the blockers? The Ecosystem Team answers these questions every day, but more importantly we look for trends and gaps in the ecosystem so that we can better prioritize and coordinate our resources to maximize impact.
The pages in this section outline our operational guides to supporting the ecosystem: Who our service providers are; how we support new projects; how we coordinate and prioritize resources. Working in the open is important as we gradually shift to a community driven initiative.

Three Pillars of the Ecosystem Team

Business Development (BD) encourages entrepreneurs and developers to build new projects and on NEAR.
Ecosystem Success (ES) supports those already committed to building on NEAR by removing blockers and accelerating the journey to a successful launch. The ES team maintains a catalog of service providers willing to support NEAR projects across a variety of domains.
Ecosystem Intelligence (EI) measures ecosystem health with on-chain and off-chain data analytics.


As a small team we are constantly assessing the ecosystem and our partners to make tough decisions about where to focus our efforts.
For Q4 2021 we forecast the impact each project will have based on a 12-month time horizon, acknowledging that different classes of projects can deliver value in different ways.
dApp (general)
dApp (defi)
1M New Accounts
High Impact / Required
100k new accounts
$500M TVL
Redundant but Critical
10K new accounts
$250M TVL
Infra Startups
<10K new accounts
<$250M TVL
Even though the Ecosystem Team is focused on high impact engagements we'll never abandon projects in need. We work closely with the community team, guilds, and other groups in the NEAR collective to support projects at any stage.

How to contact the Ecosystem Team

We encourage all projects that need help to get in touch!
  1. 4.
    Near Foundation Slack #ecosystem-success (limited access)